How To Create A Perfect Marketing Video? (3 Killer Ways)

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A perfect marketing video is crucial for your business. A video will have the ability to capture the attention of potential customers and convert them into buyers more effectively than any other medium.”

Marketing video production is becoming an important part of marketing for many businesses. It’s not enough to post the same content on Facebook over and over again or make a few ads. With so much competition in today’s marketplace, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd with only these methods alone. That’s why marketing video production has become such an important aspect of business strategy! This article will cover topics like; Why is video important for businesses? How to make sure I have the right video for my business? How does video improve my SEO? Video production company vs video marketing company, and Advantages of hiring a video marketing agency. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into this!

What Is Marketing Video Production?

Marketing video production is the marketing of a product or service using pre-recorded media. Marketing videos can be produced in almost any genre and format, including traditional home video formats such as VHS and DVD, web series for distribution on company websites or via social media networks like YouTube, marketing events that go viral online (memes), podcasts, short films/commercials to advertise theatrical releases which run before feature-length movies at cinemas.

Marketing teams create marketing video production to promote products or services, typically communicated through sales channels. Marketing videos can be used for traditional marketing purposes like television, print and billboards, but they also have the unique ability to be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones. Because marketing videos take up a lot of time to create, there need to be less than 30 seconds long for them not to become boring (source).

Another marketing technique used by marketers today with marketing videos is known as “viral marketing”. Viral marketing strategies are driven by word of mouth from one consumer to another through social sharing based upon trust between consumers. This new phenomenon allows businesses to reach more prospects than possible with only traditional forms of marketing.

vlogger making a perfect marketing video
vlogger making a perfect marketing video

Why Are Marketing Videos Important For Businesses?

A video is a powerful tool that lets users understand your business. Why video? Videos can be used as a marketing tool to promote products and services, online courses, and explainers about complicated topics like using software or selling special offers.

● Google’s latest study shows that 90% of people are more likely to buy from brands they have viewed videos of on social media channels than only 42 percent who read blog posts by the same company. This means just showing up isn’t enough anymore – you need an actual presence in the digital world! Video also helps humanize companies which build trust between brand & customer = higher conversion rates. 

● Videos are also easy to share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more. People love sharing videos with their friends & family – it’s why sites like YouTube have become so popular! 

In a broad sense, video is an incredibly powerful medium for a company to communicate with its audience. Why? Because it allows the business to show rather than tell their message, this engagement will be far more effective at creating leads and conversions from your target market. 

Why do you think TED talks are so popular? It’s because businesses can connect with speakers that have been successful in their field, which makes them ideal candidates for brand ambassadors or influencers within those industries. 55% of marketers who represent B-to-C companies state video increases user understanding of products/services by over 80%. 

And when we look across all types of product categories being sold online today – clothing, consumer electronics equipment including smartphones & laptops, finance, food & drink and publishing, we can see that more than 50% of companies say video is critical to their success. Why? Because it’s proven to increase conversion rates by almost 150%. That means if you’re selling a product for $50, and the average conversion rate on your website today is around 0.66%, then increasing this number with an attractive marketing video could potentially mean adding another $88 of revenue every single month!

perfect marketing video plan
perfect marketing video plan

How To Make Sure I Have The Perfect Marketing Video For My Business?

I have a lot of things to do in my business, so I want to make sure that the video is right for my brand. Getting the wrong one could be bad because it doesn’t represent me or what I’m trying to sell; this will turn people away from buying my product. Getting the best help with marketing videos production is important because if you get someone who knows their stuff, they can create something amazing that looks great and acts as an advertisement too! You don’t need expensive equipment either when companies out there offer cheap ways of filming your content and putting together some amazing videos using all kinds of software etc.

I know how frustrating it can be when you’re looking for high-quality marketing video production and you can’t seem to find the right help. Getting it wrong will cost you a lot of money and time, so I’m going to share with people looking for some advice on how they can get it done successfully without having to spend too much.

What do I need from my video?

– High-Quality Video Production Services are really important. Getting someone in who knows what they’re doing and has experience is key! The last thing that we want is something that doesn’t work or looks like it’s been put together by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing – this could potentially harm your company’s reputation, which would be such a shame after working hard at building up etc.

– Getting content filmed is also important, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but if you could get someone to film a couple of pieces, that would work well. Getting the right shots and using different types of equipment will make all the difference in terms of what your video looks like and how interesting it is for people who watch/listen too!

– Get some music sorted out because this can help set the tone and feel about something. Getting good quality production music from somewhere reputable means you know you’re going to get something that sounds great as well as working with your message etc. Check websites such as Purple Planet Music for more information on where to find stuff or even YouTube has lots of royalty-free songs etc.

What do I need to think about?

– Getting the right help is important; some people are just more experienced than others. Getting someone who knows what they’re doing and has worked on lots of different types of videos for other companies will be key to helping you get something that looks amazing but works well too! If it doesn’t, then there’s no point in getting them involved because even if you have a great idea, without an expert giving their advice on how to make it happen etc. It won’t work, so this needs to be one of your number one priorities when looking for video production services. Many businesses don’t think about this, which means they waste money hiring substandard people – don’t let that happen again!

– Getting some storyboard ideas sorted out is important, too; this means you’re going to be able to communicate your vision effectively. Getting everything down on paper before anything else has gone live will help ensure that everyone knows what’s happening along the way and that there are no mistakes or confusions that could end up being bad for business, etc. Getting a good idea of how things will work in terms of design, sound effects etc. It is vital because otherwise, it might not turn out as expected!

– Getting the right equipment isn’t always easy but if you can get something cheap, then do so – don’t spend lots of money unless it’s necessary. Getting someone who knows their stuff about video production will mean they know all kinds of different types of equipment that are good for different things; this means you can get something that works well without spending lots of money. Getting the right help with all your video needs is important!

coworkers planning on making a perfect marketing video
coworkers planning on making a perfect marketing video

What happens next?

Getting these things done properly isn’t just about having a video that looks nice; it’s also about getting the right message across to your customers and potential clients. Getting good quality products is important because this will bring people interested in what you have to say, but if they can tell how produced something was, they might think twice before watching, etc. Getting everything done the first time properly around will make sure everyone knows what they’re doing, which means there won’t be any confusion or mistakes during the process!

– Once all of these things are sorted out, then you’ll need someone to help with editing. Getting some creative types on board will mean that together with anything you’ve filmed, even though it’s raw footage,  they can turn it into something amazing. Getting it done the first time properly means that you don’t have to waste money on hiring people again, and because they know what needs doing, it’s also going to be cheaper overall! Getting all of these things sorted out is important for everyone involved in making sure you end up with something professional which will help bring potential customers towards your business etc.

– After everything has been filmed, then you’ll need someone who can do some voice over work on top, so it sounds great. Getting this done by an expert isn’t just about how nice it sounds but also about getting across key points because if there are any mistakes or confusions during the recording process, this could present itself once it goes live too – not good at all! Getting a great finished product isn’t easy, but it will make life much easier when you’ve got the right people on board. Getting all of these things done in advance is going to be helpful for everyone involved!

– Getting some music sorted out at this stage too might seem like a good idea, but sometimes it’s better not to use anything because if there are any mistakes during recording, this could end up being quite bad once it goes live etc. Getting everything set up properly will mean that your video can go live and do what’s expected of it without anyone getting into trouble or putting their foot in their mouth etc. Getting key points clear beforehand makes sure they don’t get lost along the way, which means everyone knows what needs doing so they can avoid any mistakes etc. Getting everything done to the highest standard is important because this will make sure your video looks professional, sounds great and gets across all of the key points without fail, which means you don’t need to worry about anything else!

How Does A Perfect Marketing Video Improve My SEO?

People love videos. How many times have you watched one on YouTube just because the thumbnail was so good that it caught your attention? You can use this same psychology in your customers and increase your sales by including more video content in your marketing strategy. Video always performs well when used for SEO purposes, but there are other ways to incorporate them into a campaign: 

-Increase search engine traffic – Showcase products or services with product demonstration videos 

-Improve conversion rate – How does my company work? Customer testimonial videos, explainer videos etc.

-Create brand awareness – Reviews about new projects/products from industry experts, behind the scenes footage of how things get done at our office/factory etc. Google has announced that they will be using video snippets in their search results. How does this benefit you? Well, if your website has a lot of videos and other websites linked to these pages (inter-linking), then Google sees it as an authority site and increases its SEO rankings.

And the list goes on.

Just make sure you put a lot of effort into creating these videos and do it for your customers, not just for the sake of SEO.

handsome young seo manager using smartphone and computer at workplace
Seo manager

Video Production Company Vs Video Marketing Company

Video production is a long process that requires patience, but it will be worth all of your hard work once the video comes out. Video marketing doesn’t take as much time or effort to produce and can help promote your business in today’s digital world.

Video production companies are known for making amazing videos with high-quality equipment, sets, people etc. Video marketers tend to use their resources, which include software like Adobe Premiere Pro, green screens (pro chroma key) and DSLR cameras to create videos that they then upload on social media sites such as Facebook. 

Video producers also often charge more than video marketers because there is more overhead involved due to costs associated with hiring actors, writers, directors and producers. Video marketers don’t hire people. They do all of the work themselves and therefore charge less for their services.

Advantages Of Hiring A Video Marketing Agency

Hiring a video marketing agency has many benefits. The first benefit is that they will be able to provide you with your custom made videos. This means the agency will make it easy for customers and potential clients to understand what you do and how their companies can benefit from using your products or services. They may also help create short animated explainer videos fun clips designed to educate viewers about an organization’s product or service. 

Another reason why hiring agencies is beneficial is that they have all kinds of media at their fingertips. This lets them come up with creative ideas on how best to promote your company through social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etcetera and traditional media like television, newspapers and radio.

Finally, you will save time by hiring an agency because they already have the contacts in the industry to help get your business noticed. They also know where to go so that people can find out about all of your products or services on offer through TV advertising, billboards, etcetera. This is why it is important for businesses today to invest in marketing videos if they wish to succeed online.

planning on how to make a perfect marketing video
planning on how to make a perfect marketing video

In Conclusion

Marketing video production is a wide and all-encompassing genre that can be utilized to market just about anything. From short films, commercials for theatrical releases, web series made for distribution on company websites or social media networks like YouTube – the possibilities are endless for marketing videos. The most important thing in this space? You need great content with compelling stories and visuals that will engage your target audience. Let us help you create an engaging digital marketing campaign today!

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